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About Us

Arts at Hayfield supports fine arts, crafts, and cultural performances in the Back Mountain and Wyoming Valley areas. Funds raised by Arts at Hayfield have been used to support a wide variety of arts progamming. Over the past 10 years, annual support has been provided for the on campus Poetry Festival, Great Books, numerous musical and theatrical offerings at Penn State Wilkes-Barre, and  a $1,000 scholarship for academically and artistically talented students.

Board of Directors
Term ends May '08:   Term ends May '10:
Joan Diana   Sally Davenport
Rosalie Feldman   Karen Gurzynski
Barbara Lemmond   Lois Hannigan
Janice Lopasky   Dorlores Leehan
Margaret Mihalick   Linda Major
Mary Reddy   Mary Manzoni*
Janis Winter*   Pat Smith
    Bernardine Vojtko
    Diana Dreher

Executive Committee

President:   Joan Diana
Vice President:   Karen Gurzynski
Corresponding Secretary:   Patricia Staskiel
Recording Secretary:   Marie Kruska
Treasurer:   Janis Winter
Members at Large:   Bernardine Vojtko
Alice Niskey

Committee Chairs
Achievement Award:   Linda Major
Advancement:   Janis Winter
Mary Reddy
Membership:   Patty Staskiel
Harry & Sally Davenport
Nominating:   Alice Niskey
Publicity:   Bill Bachman
Summer Festival 2007:   Janis Winter
Homespun Holidays 2007:   Janis Winter
Hayfield History Tours:   Janet Rosenbaum
Recuperation Brunch:   Peg Mihalik
Arts at Hayfield   •   P.O. Box PSU   •   Lehman, PA 18627   •   570-675-9232